Musicrow Sound Lab

Musicrow SoundLab

Founded by sound designer Noam Gingold in 2005, Musicrow SoundLab specializes in the development of Premium Reaktor Ensembles and Soundsets for leading synthesizers.

Our passion for music and sound is the drive for everything that we do. We are true technophiles. We love music toys, weird microphones, inspiring audio software, old Casio synths and anything that produces sound.

As sound explorers we want to invent soundscapes that no one has heard before. As time travelers we are inspired by vintage gear, reviving old magic.

Welcome to our world!

synthesizer at musicrow studio

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We design sounds. Day and night!

We are Musicrow. Nice to meet you!

Noam Gingold

Noam Gingold

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Ido Segal


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Oorit Baum-Gingold

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