Analog Sound Collection LE / Demo

Sounds for Arturia

120 free sounds for Arturia synthesizers

FREE ‘slimmed-down’ demo version of our complete Analog Sound Collection for Arturia synthesizers.

120 sounds are included (Compared to 1200 sound in the complete ‘Analog Sound Collection’), divided into 6 soundsets for Arturia synths:

  • 20 sounds for Modular V
  • 20 sounds for Mini V
  • 20 sounds for Jupiter V
  • 20 sounds for Prophet V
  • 20 sounds for Arp 2600 V
  • 20 sounds for CS80 V

The sounds are designed to take full advantage of the distinctive characteristics and features of each of these classic synth emulations, creating a diverse and colorful analog sound palette that is suitable for any music genre.

Download ‘Analog Sound Collection LE’ and get a little taste of the impressive sound collection for Arturia synths.

All sounds were created with Analog Sound Collection: