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Crow accordion is a special Reaktor instrument that was designed to deliver a perfect accordion emulation.

It produces convincing accordion sounds with warmth and character, that can easily replace the real thing when it’s not around.

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Main Features:

  • Authentic accordion sound
  • Completely synthesized – no samples are used
  • Bellows emulation for more realistic sound
  • 50 snapshots (accordion sounds) for instant use
  • Easy programming and tweaking

More Info:

With Crow Accordion you can easily have any accordion sound you wish for!

Crow accordion contains 2 Different versions (2 ensembles):  the bellows effect can be emulated by moving the pitch-wheel up and down (version 1), or by using an expression controller (version 2)

50 presets of different accordions are included.


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