Electro Plate Reverb – Reaktor Ensemble

Plate Reverb Reaktor Ensembles
plate for NI Reaktor
Plate Reverb Reaktor Ensembles

Brings the old heavy plate to your studio – with a twist!

Electro Plate Reverb is a Reaktor Ensemble that stretches the originally unnatural sound of Plates to the electronic dimension, with multiple algorithms that will  perfectly fit electronic and synthesized sources.

A classic sound with an electronic spirit!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Main Features:

  • Classic or Modern smooth Plate Reverb sound
  • Stretches the classic plate sound to new electronic dimensions
  • Choose from 9 different plate types
  • Two-band shelving equalizer with adjustable frequencies
  • Use the damper to decrease  the plate decay time
  • Many great snapshots & presets

Classic Sound:

Electro Plate Reverb is a reaktor ensemble that brings the classic natural and smooth plate reverb sound to your studio – with a twist!

Just as the original plate, Electro Plate Reverb can do magic with vocals, snare drums, piano and guitars.

Electronic Spirit:

Classic Plate Reverbs never provided an authentic space emulation. It is metallic, with no early reflections and it does not sound like a real room. In this sense Electro Plate Reverb just pushes the ‘Plate Sound Concept’ one step forward. Special Plate Reverb algorithms were designed to perfectly fit and compliment electronic and synthesized sounds

Choose Your Color!

Crow Plate Reverb is very easy to operate. First you choose one of the 9 plate types, each type has its own sound characteristics. Then you can adjust the mechanical damper to set the reverb time. There’s a two-band shelving equalizer with adjustable frequencies. Finally you can add pre-delay, and set the mix between the dry/wet sound and the output level.


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