Future Bass Guitar – Reaktor Ensemble

Future Bass Reaktor Ensemble
Bass Guitar for reaktor

Future Bass Guitar is a Reaktor Ensemble that brings you deep bass guitar sounds, fantastic electronic bass sounds, and the option to combine the two in creative ways!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Main Features:

  • Deep bass guitar sounds (Classic jazz bass guitar, Slap bass)
  • Bass guitar and synthesized basses are combined for the creation of new experimental bass textures
  • Three  sound sources: Bass Guitar, ghost notes, and a bass synthesizer
  • Set a certain frequency range for each sound source
  • 100 presets are included

More Info:

Future Bass Guitar is a Reaktor Ensemble that can produce a variety of bass sounds: from convincing electric bass guitars (Classic jazz bass guitar, Slap bass guitar, Fretless basses) to unusual combinations of bass guitars and synthesized basses.

There are 3 sound sources that contribute to the final result. The bass guitar sound source is a well recorded multi-sampled bass guitar. The second sound source is multi-sampled ghosts  notes (sounds that are created when a bass guitar player plucks a string). The third sound source is an oscillator with 4 waveforms: Saw, Square & Sinus (for sub-basses).

Each source has its own envelopes to control the amplitude and the filter cutoff. The bass guitar sample starting point can be changed to alter the transient of the sample sound. This can be great for designing softer fretless-style sounds.

You can also control the frequency range that will be dominated by the bass guitar and by the synthesizer. For example, you can make the bass guitar dominant only on the very low frequencies while the rest of the frequency range is more synth sound oriented.


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