Green Master Tape – Reaktor Ensemble

Green Tape for Reaktor
Green Tape For Reaktor

For recording, mixing and mastering, Green Master Tape brings the special characteristics and flavor of 1/4” analog tapes to your digital studio.

Cohesive sound, analog warmth, and subtle-to-deep tape saturation!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Main Features:

  • A cohesive sound, analog warmth, and subtle-to-deep tape saturation
  • Seven different tape machines are emulated
  • Accurate wow and flutter emulation
  • Use as a tape-effect at extreme settings
  • Very easy to use

The secret of tape recorders:
Digital recording surely has its advantages, but it often lacks the warmth and depth of analog tape recorders. Tape saturation is one main cause of it, but the typical wow and flutter, the crosstalk (leakage from one channel to the other), and even the hiss are part of the tape’s ability to glue dozens of tracks into one integral piece of music.

Green Master Tape emulates all of the above, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the analog tape advantages at your digital studio.

One way to work with Green Master Tape is to put it on your master track and then record and mix into it like you would do with a real tape. Another way is to use add it after you finish your mix, and to use it as a mastering tool. You can also put it on any of your audio channels, or use it at extreme setting as a “Tape Effect”.

With Green Master Tape the saturation amount, bumping effect (Wow and flutter), and low frequency roll off are all adjustable and controllable. You can choose between 7 different tapes (each with its own sonic characteristics), and set the magnetic hiss level. The indicator bulbs will turn from green to yellow to red, showing you the tape saturation amount at any moment. Two VU meters will display the current output level, and the clipping indicators will turn to red when clipping occurs.


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