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Oberline Reaktor Ens

Oberline contains three reaktor ensembles that are inspired by the Oberheim Sem units from the early 70’s.

If you are a fan of vintage synthesizer sound, Oberline was created for you!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Oberline is an ensemble line for Reaktor 5 that is inspired by the Oberheim SEM units from the early 70’s.

Main Features:

  • Based on a well known vintage analog synthesizer
  • Warm vintage flavor
  • 3 reaktor ensembles with 1/2/3 SEM units
  • Sequencer and Sample&hold units
  • External audio modulation
  • Flexible structure
  • 180 sounds are included for instant use


Oberline contains three reaktor ensembles: Ober I, Ober II and Ober III. Ober is the name of the fundamental synth module. Ober II (shown in the picture) is made of the conjunction of two identical modules, and Ober III is made of 3 Ober modules.

Each Ober module is totally independent with oscillators, envelopes, filter and an LFO unit of its own. Ober II and Ober III also have a mixer for combining the sound of the different Ober modules.

Each of the three Oberline ensembles has one Sequencer/Sample&hold unit that can modulate parameters of all the Ober modules that the ensemble contains (For example, the Sequencer/Sample&hold unit of Ober III can be assigned to modulate parameters of the three separate modules of that ensemble).

External audio can also be assigned to modulate parameters of all the Ober modules for the creation of rhythmic modulations. This flexible and unique structure of separate and independent modules, contributes to the distinctive sound and the programming flexibility of the Oberline ensembles.

180 presets are included. If you are a fan of vintage synthesizers sound, don’t miss Oberline!


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