Osmosis Filter – Reaktor Ensemble

Osmosis Reaktor Ensembles
Osmosis Filter for Reaktor

Osmosis Filter is a fat warm resonant filter that is inspired by analog filters like Electrix Filter Factory and Sherman Filterbank.

Get the flexibility and the power you need for any filtering mission!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3


Osmosis Filter is built around two filters. The filter modes are: low-pass, low-pass ladder (Moog style), hi-pass, band-pass and notch. The filter slope is 12/24db per octave.

The two filter units can work together in parallel or serial mode, and can be linked for achieving up to 8 poles slope filters (or for any other creative purpose).

Each filter can be modulated by an LFO for the big sweeps by the audio sorce itself (via envelope follower) for the groovy action, or by both.


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