Space Boy – Reaktor Ensemble

space boy reaktor ensemble
space boy reaktor ensemble
White Space Boy 3D effect

Space-Boy offers you a new approach for 3D space locating of audio signals.

Create special effects and add fantastic unusual movement in your track!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Main Features:

  • Create special 3d effects with ease
  • Add movement and excitement  in unusual virtual spaces
  • Programmable mono-reverb section for space shaping
  • Two LFO’s that will help you add 3D movement to your music
  • Create distorted spaces by linking the pan and the depth factors in unusual ways

How does it work?

The basic idea behind Space Boy is the combination and linkage between a panner and a mono-reverb. This linkage enables you to locate signals in a 3D space. The panner is responsible for the location in the stereo field (Left-Right axis) while the mono-reverb determines the depth factor (Close – Far axis). With the X-Y controller you can easily locate the audio material in a 3D space. But that is only the beginning…

Mono Reverb:

With the sophisticated high quality reverb unit you can choose the exact space you place your signal in. There are many reverb presets that you can choose from. You can also easily create your own spaces with the  fully programmable reverb section.

Add movement:

Two LFO units can move your audio material within the 3D space that you have chosen. Each LFO can be synced to a host clock, and has 4 waveforms to choose from: Sinus, Triangle, Pulse, and Sample&Hold. Each LFO can be assigned to modulate the panning, the reverb amount and the other LFO frequency. The LFO wave phase can be changed and the LFO signal can be smoothed.

Distorted spaces:

A distorted space can be created by linking the panner and the mono reverb. You can determine the space mode when you choose between the 3 mode options: In the regular mode the space is a regular 3D space. In the reverb off-center emphasis mode the space is distorted- audio signals at the center will sound closer then those at the sides of the stereo field. In the reverb center emphasis mode another distorted space is created- audio signals at the sides of the stereo field will sound closer and signals at the center will sound far away. The amount of space distortion is also controllable. Any movement that you assign later will be created according to the space mode that you have chosen.


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