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Trancoid Reaktor Ensemble
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Crow Trancoid is a  synthesizer for NI Reaktor that will take place on the cooler side of your sound palette.

Trancoid presents gated sounds and powerful leads with metallic, cold and digital character. Trancoid will perfectly fit in with hardcore electronic music.

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Main Features:

  • Sync Oscillator (made of one master oscillator and two slave oscillators)
  • FM Oscillator
  • Filter with 6 modes
  • Two sequencers that modulate the cutoff and the resonance
  • Trance Gate
  • Effects (reverb, delay, flanger, chorus, compressor)

More Info:

Crow Trancoid has two powerful oscillators (a Sync oscillator and an FM oscillator), an advanced multi-mode filter ,a Trance-Gate, and an extended distortion unit.

The sync oscillator is made up of 1 master oscillator and 2 slave oscillators. Each of these sub-oscillators has 4 waveforms to choose from (saw, pulse, triangle and sinus). Each slave oscillator has an LFO for the creation of interesting irregular waveforms. The sync oscillator has a separate AHDSR amplitude envelope.

The FM oscillator uses frequency modulation synthesis to produce its sound. You can choose a waveform for the modulator and for the carrier to shape the oscillator sound. There is an offset parameter that detunes the modulator frequency. An AHDSR envelope will affect the FM amount. The FM oscillator also has a separate AHDSR amplitude envelope.

The filter has 6 modes: low pass 2 poles, low pass 4 poles, band pass 2 poles, band pass 4 poles, low pass + band pass 4 poles, and high pass 2 poles. The filter contains a sequencer that can create patterns of modulation for the cutoff, and another sequencer that can modulate the resonance. The filter has an AHDSR envelope that will influence the cutoff position.

The trance-gate offers a great solution for creating typical trance rhythmic sounds. Crow Trancoid’s trance-gate is based on a 16-step sequencer. The speed of the trance-gate can be set to fit your needs.

Trancoid offers 4 types of distortion. You can choose a parabolic saturation, sinus shaper, extreme shaper 1, and extreme shaper 2.

Trancoid sound effects section brings the final touch. A smooth reverb, a delay, a flanger, a chorus, and a compressor are waiting at the end of the sound chain.


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