Vintage D Chorus – Reaktor Ensemble



Vintage Chorus is a reaktor ensemble that emulates the way a well known and classic vintage chorus hardware unit behaves and sounds.

Get the most non-repetitive, sweet and cohesive chorus sound for your acoustic and electronic instruments!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor

Simple, warm, fantastic Chorus sound!

Don’t let the interface simplicity fool you. Vintage D Chorus is very easy to operate with very few controls, but it produces the sweetest chorus sound you could wish for.

Vintage D Chorus will be your ultimate solution when you look for sweet acoustic guitars, wider background vocals, or for the addition of a spatial effect to a mono source.

What is special about The D Chorus?

The main purpose of any chorus effect is to create the illusion of many instruments playing together. For creating this effect in a natural way, chorus effects must have a complex pitch modulation mechanism. This is the main reason why so many chorus units that use a simple LFO to modulate the delay time sound so repetitive and unconvincing.

Vintage D Chorus is different. It uses a very complex mechanism that involves geiger counters and sample&hold to get the most non-repetitive, sweet and cohesive chorus sound.


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