Tape Flanger – Reaktor Ensemble

Tape Flanger for Reaktor

Tape Flanger provides you with a sweet warm and authentic tape flanging sound.

Forget the metallic flanger sound you are used to!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Tape Flanger, as its name suggests, is a tape flanger emulator for NI Reaktor. Crow Tape Flanger allows you to use the modulation wheel to create the flanging effect manually, for the most authentic sound and feel.

Flanging effect was originally created by running two identical copies of the same recording on open-reel analogue recorders and then summing the two outputs together via a mixer at exactly the same levels. The two recordings were started together and then the speed of one of the machines was slowed-down slightly by using hand pressure on the tape reel. Crow Tape Flanger emulates this process.

These are the main differences between Crow Flanger and other flanger effects:

  • To make the effect stronger, the usual digital flanger effect uses feedback loop, while there is no feedback loop at all in the real tape flanging process. Crow Tape Flanger sounds smooth and deep without the need to use a feedback loop.
  • With a regular digital flanger unit, the delay between the two signals never passes through zero point. With Crow Tape Flanger it does.
  • With regular digital flanger units a standard LFO modulates the delay time. This movement is repetitive and doesn’t emulate the hand made delay between two tapes that originally made the tape flanging effect. With Crow Tape Flanger you can create this movement with your hand on the modulation wheel for the authentic flanging sound and feel.

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