Cobra – Reaktor Ensemble

Cobra for NI Reaktor
Cobra Synth Black

This is what a monster synth sounds like!

With uncompromised sound quality, 7 oscillators and other unique sound sources, 16 filter types, countless usual and unusual modulators, endless routing possibilities, 12 high quality effects and much more- Cobra is a reaktor ensemble that will make any synth-freak fall in love!

* Included in Golden Ensembles, the complete pack for NI Reaktor (Not available individually)

Golden Ensembles 3

Main Features:

  • Uncompromising sound quality
  • 7  unique sound generators
  • Dedicated envelope and filter for each sound source
  • 16 Filter Types (Yes we said Sixteen)
  • Extended Distortion Section before or after the filter stage for true wave shaping
  • Endless routing possibilities – everything is possible!
  • Effects, Effects, Effects: 12 high quality effects will add the extra spice
  • Drum Loops and envelope follower
  • Great tool for composing: just use one of the ‘playback’ presets
  • A library of 250 sounds is included

Uncompromising sound quality:
Cobra was designed to sound as good as the best hardware synthesizers out there. Its unique internal structure, the flexibility of the sound design process and its special features, make it one of a kind! Cobra can produce a wide spectrum of sounds: at one point it delivers the most distorted edgy lead, and at another point it is a gentle beautiful wide pad with the sound of blue birds floating in the sky. Whatever sonic dream you have in mind, be sure that Cobra can fulfill it for you!

Cobra for NI Reaktor

Cobra has 7 sound sources to begin with: Oscillator 1, Oscillator 2, the Ultra-Saw Oscillator, the Special Noise Generator, the Transient Designer, the Atmosphere source and the Granular source. Each of these sources got its own envelope and filter. Each source can be shaped, routed and used in various ways.

This flexibility provides you with unparalleled freedom in sculpting sound textures that have never been heard before! For example the Atmosphere sound source enables you to integrate various ambiance sounds in various ways. You can easily combine the sound of a drill with two saw oscillators for the creation of an amazingly powerful lead. You can also add a relaxing forest sound to make your pad more calming, or add the sound of swimming dolphins for a more organic texture. For example, you can also use the atmosphere sound as a modulator: if you are in a creative mood, you might want the sound of underwater bubbles to modulate the pitch in oscillator 1, while the granular sound source is modulating the waveform selection in the same oscillator.

The Ultra-Saw sound source is made of 9 detuned saws, and it is great for fat pads, string, or bombastic leads. The Transient sound source enables you to shape the attack of your sound by adding very short samples of various instruments transients. With Oscillator 1 (and 2) you can choose 3 out of 30 waveforms, and then morph between them. You can perform FM synthesis: Oscillator 2 is the carrier, while all the other sound sources can be selected as modulators.

Each of the seven sound sources has a dedicated filter (you can select between 10 filters types for each sound source). Each source also has an envelope that can modulate various parameters of the sound source.

Endless routing and modulation possibilities:cobra-fx

Cobra is a semi-modular synthesizer: you can choose the routing for each sound source, you can choose the destination for the distortion section, and you can even send each sound source to a specific effect independently. Cobra also has a 6 slot matrix that can produce magic! With many interesting modulators and endless routing possibilities nothing can block your creativity!

The modulators are: LFO x 3, filter envelope, amplitude envelope, 2 other modulation envelopes, 2 sequencers, and the envelope follower. You can also use all the sound sources as modulators.

Effects, Effects!
Cobra has 12 high quality effects that are an integral part of the sound design process. Unlike other synthesizers, Cobra enables you to send your sound source separately to each effect. You can also set a modulator to modulate the effects parameters!

The effects are: Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Univibe, Granular, Distortion, Equalizer, Booster, Auto-Gate (Audio-Slicer), Compressor and tremolo.

Drums Loops and envelope follower
Cobra is loaded with internal drum-loops. These loops can be routed to the envelope follower section to modulate other parameters, or you can just run a loop and use it as the background rhythm of your new composition.

Do you want to use your voice to modulate the filter cutoff? Would you like your pad to pump with the rhythm of the track? With the Cobra anything is possible! Use Cobra as an insert effect, route the Audio to the envelope follower, then use your voice (or your track, or your song rhythm section) to modulate a certain parameter.

The Library:
A library of 250 sounds is included for instant gratification. The sounds are divided into 6 sound banks for your convenience: Leads, Pads and Keys, Sequences, Experimental and Drums.


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